Monica Morell

My love please talk with me (Audio)

I just can't understand, it's like our love was planned
we'll spend forever walking hand in hand
When your lips touch mine we'll taste the summer wine
And then our love will last for a long, long time.

As we go on our way maybe will come the day
when you will say the words I long to hear you say
Please take my heart, you know, I want my love to show
Like a dream come true all love will grow.

|: My love please talk with me, my love please walk with me
Come let us plan the way we think our life should be
We two must never sigh, we two must never cry
And when we take the vow we'll never say goodbye :|

I am so glad you're mine, you make my world so fine
I never knew how brightly the sun could shine
What a lovely way of spending each new day
We'll walk along together, and the sun will play.

Now one and one or two I'll spend my life with you
There is nothing more I would rather do.
Love, please take my hand, and you will understand:
This must have been the way that our life was planned.

Chorus (bis)

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