My little woman (Audio)

How can I prove it's only you
Can't help but wondering what to do
So many things I'd like to say
But I see there is no other way
than hold you in my arms and hope and pray
you'll hear my tender heart say:
(Chorus I:)
My little woman, please be good to me (oh yeah)
I will always love you faithfully
Your sweet and tender touch sets my soul on fire
as no-one else could ever do -- no!
To me you mean so much, you're my heart's desire
You really mean my dreams come true.

So let me spend my life with you
(I want to tell you, baby)

(Chorus II:)
My little woman, let me prove myself
I've always loved you more than anybody else.


I'll do anything to satisfy
and make you happy while you're at my side
'cause you are mine and all of mine.

Chorus I+II

|: My little woman, please be good to me 
I'll always love you truly and faithfully (oh oh, yeah yeah) :|

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