Willeke Alberti

My diary of love (Audio)

It's Saturday night
And everybody's out having fun
And here I am in my lonely room,
just me and my diary
Anyone who's ever kept a diary,
will understand the way I feel.

On Monday you took me on our first date
We kissed good night, and it felt so great
I ran inside 'cause I couldn't wait
to write it all down in my diary.

On Tuesday we went to a movie show
The name of the picture I'll never know
'cause that's when you whispered, "I love you so"
It's all written down in my diary.

My diary of love has your name on each line
It's hard to believe you're no longer mine
It starts with a kiss, but it ends with a tear
It's all here in my diary of love.

You took me dancing on Wednesday night
I can't forget how you held me tight
I stayed up late so that I could write
my hopes and my dreams in my diary.

On Tuesday* I saw you with someone new
On Friday you told me that we were through
It's Saturday night, and what can I do
but cry as I look at my diary.

It's all here in my diary of love.

*So singt sie tatsächlich - richtig wäre natürlich "Thursday", alles andere macht keinen Sinn, denn sie geht ja die Wochentage von Montag bis Samstag durch; da kann sie nicht zwischen Mittwoch und Freitag einen zweiten Dienstag einschieben und den Donnerstag einfach weglassen!

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