Frank Sinatra

My days of sunshine

When pictures of my life were flashed before me,
and echoes of our love came laughing by,
a sad and lonely feeling rattled through me,
before I knew it, I began to cry.

For all the simple joys I never tasted,
for people that I loved just passing through,
for moments of my time I might have wasted,
but most of all, my days of loving you.

My days of sunshine in a summer green meadow,
when I would lie down in the shadow of your shadow,
my days of laughter, when it all seemed brighter,
when I would hide behind the shelter of your eyes.

I know I'll learn to live again tomorrow,
be happy for a while with someone new
But nothing in my life will have more meaning,
more magic than my days of loving you.

Chorus (bis)

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