Gus Whyburd

My children, my wife (Audio)

Last night I cried upon my pillow,
filled with deep regret
My mistake was (...?)
Now I find I can't forget.

My days were filled with sadness
I found I had to leave
Now all I do is sit alone
on my own* and grief.

Oh baby, I love you till the end of my life
My dreams are haunted by my children, my wife
And if baby, I love you, it hurts every day
I know I've lost you, there's no more to say.

Sometimes I sit and think about
the quarrels we have had
For ourselves it did not matter
For the children it was bad.

I can still hear them crying,
as we argued all the night,
those little eyes all wet with tear
and so full of fright.


Take good care of the children
Tell them daddy's gone away,
but he'll always send them love
until his dying day.

And you, my dear, I wish you luck,
in the years that lie ahead
Kiss my dear-ones good-night for me,
when you take them to bed.


*doppelter gemoppelt geht nicht!

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