Elvis Presley

My boy (Audio)

You're sleeping son, I know, but really this can't wait
I wanted to explain before it gets too late
For your mother and me love has finally died
This is no happy home, but God knows how I've tried.

Because you're all I have, my boy
You are my life, my pride, my joy
And if I stay, I stay because of you my boy.

I know, it's hard to understand, why did we ever start?
We're more like strangers now, each acting out a part
I have laughed, I have cried, I have lost every game,
taken all I can take, but I'll stay just the same.


Sleep on, you haven't heard a word, perhaps it's just as well
Why spoil your little dreams, why put you through the hell?
Life is no fairytale, as one day you will know
But now you're just a child, I'll stay here and watch you grow.

Chorus (bis)

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