Shirley Bassey

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Audio*)

He's tall and he's dark
And like a shark he looks for trouble
That's why the zero's double
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

He's suave and he's smooth
And he can soothe you like vanilla
The gentleman's a killer
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Demoiselles and danger
have filled the stranger's past**
Like a knife he cuts through life,
like every day's the last.

He's fast and he's cool
He's from the school that loves and leaves them
A pity if it grieves them
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang's not a fool!

dal $egno al fine


No |: he's no fool :|

*Auf dem verlinkten Clip fehlt die Coda.
**Hier könnte auch "path" gemeint sein. Sie singt das etwas undeutlich - Sinn macht beides.

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