Andy Fischer

Mr. Cannibal

Oh, it was only a few years ago
I was a Mama Joe in Kenya
I had no troubles with the income tax
Or with the other sex in Kenya

And then one day there came a minister
So very sinister from Bonn
I was so charming to his assistent
She took me to her tent and say:

|: Mr. Cannibal, fress mich noch einmal :|

And then they took me back to Germany
To make a match of me, so fine
They also told me how to eat and drink
And use the bedroom sink, so fine

And then we went out to a Tanzlokal
And with the pretty gal I danced
And then she let me take her to her home
And when I want to go she say:


And then I went to university
To make genie of me, so klug
And learn a lot about the allogy
And then I'm not you're me, so klug

And then one day the time was up for me
And I was so happy to know
Tomorrow morning I go home by plane
And never hear again these words:


And now again I am a Mama Joe
Like many years ago in Kenya
And have no troubles with the income tax
And with the other sex in Kenya

And every evening when the moon comes out
I have to think about my Deutsch
And then the only words that I still know
Poor little Mama Joe are these

Chorus (bis)

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