The Fleetwoods

Mr. Blue (Video) (Audio)

Our guardian star lost all his glow,
the day that I lost you
He lost all his glitter the day you sad "no",
and his silver turned to blue.

Like him, I am doubtful that your love is true
But if you decide to call on me -- ask for Mr. Blue.

I'm Mr. Blue... when you say you love me,
then prove it by going out on the sly,
proving your love isn't true -- call me Mr. Blue!
I'm Mr. Blue, when you say you're sorry,
then turn around, heading for the lights of town,
hurting me through and through -- call me Mr. Blue!

I stay at home at night, right by the phone at night,
But you won't call, and I won't hurt my pride.

I won't tell you why you paint the town
a bright red to turn it upside down
I'm painting it too, but I'm painting it blue.
|: |: Call me Mr. Blue :| :|

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