Johnny Cymbal

Mr. Bass man

Mister bass man
You got that certain something
Mister bass man
You set the music thumping
To you it's easy
When you go one two three
Ba ba ba ba ba ba

Yeah, Mister bass man
You're on all the song
With the bu bu bu bun bun
And di di di bun bun bon
Hey, Mister bass man
You're head and king of rock and roll
Ba ba ba ba ba ba

Yeah, oh it don't mean a thing
When the leader's singing
Or when he goes
Hey mister bass man
I'm asking just one thing
Will you teach me
Woo yeah the way you sing
'cause mister bass man
I want to be a bass man
Too ba ba ba ba ba ba

Ah, Mister bass man
I really think I'm with the
Bu bu bu bu boom boom
And the du du du du du du du du
Come on mister bass man
Now I'm a bass man
Too du ba ba ba ba ba

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