George Baker Selection

Morning sky

Don't hide your heart behind the wall
Don't walk alone in gray and dark nights
Look to the sky and you'll be alright
There is a sun for you to shine

Look at yourself, what do you see?
A childhood feared to be alone
Maybe a heart without a home
But someone's waiting there for you

Morning sky
Let me touch your golden sunlight
Let me dream away the dark night
Let me ride your silver cloud
Morning sky
Promise me you live tomorrow
Push away my pain and sorrow
In God's golden morning sky

Be like a river wide and strong
Don't be afraid to trust a friend
So let your life will be a song
Sing with a feeling in your heart


Morning sky, shoowaddy, shoowaddy
Morning sky, shoowaddy, shoowaddy, shoowaddy, waddy
Morning sky, shoowaddy, shoowaddy

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