Claude François

Monday morning again (Video)

Looking at my watch it's almost eight o' clock
And it's such a sunny day
Time to hear the news and check up on the world
Then we must be on our way.

Though it was a great weekend
The weatherman was not our friend
But as we go back to work
Then the weather clears
And the sun appears.

Monday morning again
And the sun is shining in the sky
Though I hate to complain
When we are free to enjoy the day
why does the sun always stay away?
And there's no sign of the rain
Now Monday's here again
Monday morning again
when we have to face the city's roar
Monday morning again
When we could walk on a sunny shore
why does the rain pour and pour and pour?
But then the sun will appear
when Monday's here again.

Walking in the woods or swimming in the sea
Trying to acquire a tan
Lying in the hay or climbing up a tree
Part of every weekend plan.

When we're far away from crowds
all we ever see are clouds
But as we go back to work
then the weather clears
and the sun appears.

Chorus (bis)

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