Sheena Easton

Modern girl

He wakes and says hello, turns on the breakfast show
She fixes coffee while he takes a shower
Hey that was great, he said, I wish we could stay in bed
But I got to be at work in less than an hour
She manages a smile as he walks out the door
She's a modern girl who's been though this movie before

She don't build her world 'round no single man
But she's gettin' by, doin' what she can
She is free to be, what she wants to be
'N all what she wants to be, is a modern girl
Na na na nana... she's a modern girl

It looks like rain again, she takes a train again
She's on her way again through London town
Where she keeps a tangerine, flicks through a magazine
Until it's time to leave her dreams on the underground
She walks to the office like everyone else
An independent lady, takin' care of herself



She's been dreaming 'bout it all day long
As soon as she gets home, it's him on the telephone
He asks her to dinner, she says I'm not free
Tonight I'm going to stay at home and watch my TV

I don't build my world 'round no single man
But I'm gettin' by, doin' what I can
I am free to be, what I want to be
'N all what I want to be, is a modern girl
|: Na na na nana... she's a modern girl :| (fade)

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