Milord (Video)

Come on get wise, Milord, her lips tell lies, Milord
The girl that you've adored has found some other guy
She just got bored, Milord, now you're ignored, Milord
Deep down inside your pride won't let you say goodbye
That southern belle, Milord, has got a heart of ice
Love can be hell, Milord, as well as paradise

You met her at a ball, her lips were ruby red
Her lazy southern drawl soon turned your noble head
|: You swore you'd never part, though you lived far away
How could you know her heart like other hearts would stray :|

Come on get mad, Milord, life's not so bad, Milord
The charms of other ones can make your heart forget
Don't count the cost, Milord, let her get lost, Milord
One memory can be a lifetime of regret
So let her go, Milord, come on, relax, be smart
'cause if you don't, you know, she'll only break your heart

The story is the same whenever young love grows
And no-one is to blame, it's just the way it goes
|: You're not the first who's found that love can be unkind
And still the world goes round, but one heart's left behind :|

Come on get hip, Milord, |: and let life rip, Milord
Be sure there's plenty more of loving to be done
There's chicks to meet, Milord, with lips as sweet, Milord
And hearts to make and break before the race is run
So hit the town, Milord, come on and be my guest
We'll turn it upside down, and devil take the rest :|

La la la...

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