Merry & Pippin

Me and you and your twin named Sue

I remember to this day
In the back of my Chevrolet
How we ***** till we tired
After the football game
And then I met your twin named Sue
Don't cha know I took up with her too
Oh how I wish
We were three in a bed again

Me and you and your twin named Sue
Snuggling and having lots of fun
Me and you and your twin named Sue
How I loved being a threesome

I can still recall
The Darktown Strutter's Ball
On that evening we got caught
In a tangle of limbs
We were simply oozing mirth
Experimenting for all we were worth
Another memory - we
Three being bad again


I'll never forget our prom
Your sis she went with Nerdy Tom
But I was so witty I soon detached her from his side
Though I only asked her for a dance
I swiftly got into her pants
And then you decided to come
Along too for the ride


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