Me and Mister Magoo

Always loved those old cartoons, Backus did his voice
Better than most movie's they'd precede
Crazy way he drove that car, Magoo was my choice
'Cause humor hunger, he could always feed

His first name was Quincy and the nephew's name was Waldo
All the nearsighted mishaps produced good fun
Their sarcastic way of playin' straight
Sparked lotta' laughs, and made 'em great,
A classic cartoon comedy, like none

Laughter's just another word for watchin' old Magoo
His actions on the screen were great to see
Mistook situations, and somehow, survived 'em, too
Those antics gave us high hilarity
One happy pair, Mister Magoo and me

Then, they gave it to the kids, and put it on TV
And, after that, was never quite as good
Still, we got to watch it more, so, it was fine with me
Miss any show, I guess I never would

On his watered down TV show, there were added characters,
Houseboy Charley, and Mother Magoo
English nephew Prezley, and McBarker, a talking dog
Those characters were kinda' funny, too
Then, later on they put Magoo within A Christmas Carol
Playin' Scrooge, he really lightened up the part
It became the Christmas Classic, that we waited for each year
And always made us happy in the heart

A happy pair, Mister Magoo and me

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