Me and boobies make three

Busted, forty double D's, heatin' up my brain
Feelin' real inflated in my jeans
Boobies, hers, are right uptown, and meant to entertain
Takes me back when I was in my teens
Shakes her long blonde curls and says, hello, my name is Anna
Has me breathin' hard, I'm fightin' to be cool
With those puppies pinkin' my mind sticks
In park, I'm thinkin' Motel Six
I hear myself say, "Hi there, have a stool"

Freein' them's my goal, oh Lord, those foxy forty "Two's"
And nothin', I say nothin's stoppin' me
Feelin' them'll please me, Lord, I'll mellow her with booze
And maybe we'll pair up, eventually
A cozy threesome, me and boobies make three

Hope the rollin' dice are lucky, bet this gal is horny fun
Boobies send a fire to my soul
Standin' right beside her now, she brushed my arm with one
It's all that I can do to keep control
Up close to her, I'm leanin' Lord, can't let her slip away
Hope she's lookin' for some love, and I'm her kind
I wanna wake up late tomorrow with a smile of yesterday
Holdin' her sweet boobies, soft and fine

A cozy threesome, me and boobies make three

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