Gilbert O'Sullivan

Matrimony (Video)

I've no wish to hurry you love, but have you seen the time?
It's quarter to ten, and we're supposed to be there at nine
I don't think the registrar will be very pleased
If we show up an hour late like two frozen peas

Both now facing for the first time, presently and past
Something that begins with "m" and ends in "alas"
More than not complete desaster, even from the start
What could it be? It's matrimony!

I know that you've dreamed about bein' walked down the isle
But think of the money we'll save, and you'll see, it's worth while 
It won't please our moms and dads but they don't even know
Besides, if they knew what's the bet they wouldn't even go
You and me are all that matters, disregard the rest
Trust your soon-to-be old man, he knows what is best
Very shortly now, there's gonna be an answer from you
then one from me -- it's matrimony!
I'm really greateful for the little things in life that have made me so glad
Every single hour that I spent with you was not the least bit sad
Quite the opposite in fact, and if you don't believe me, here's the proof
Ask me if I, and I'll say "ay -- I dooo..."


dal $egno al fine

(Coda - spoken:)
Marriage, the joining together of two people
For better or for worth 
till death them to part - ol�!

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