Al Martino

Mary go lightly (Audio)

I can remember that morning
I saw her walk in a row
Her eyes seemed to say, please come with me
I found myself walking her home.

We spent the day talking and laughing
We played on a beach until dawn
I knew that soon she'd be leaving
That's why I sang her this song:

Mary go lightly, when you leave me,
soon I will know that you've gone
Mary go lightly, but believe me: 
It's by my side you belong.

La la la...

I waited till late in the evening,
hoping to see her again
But sweet dreams are all that she left me
In my dreams I will meet her again.

Whenever I think of my Mary
my love is still just as strong
as on the morning that I saw her leaving
That's when I sang her the song:

Chorus (bis)

La la la...

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