Bobby Goldsboro

Marlena (Audio)

All my life I've wandered, lots of money I have squandered
I said, there'll never be a woman who can tie me down
But lying here this evening, and listening to your breathing
I know that I was dreaming, 'cause look what I found:

Oh Marlena, I'm so glad that I've found you
My world is turning around you, girl, you're one of a time
Oh Marlena, you're the sun in my morning
Girl, I'm giving you a warning: Soon you'll gonna be mine.

I used to love and leave them, I would cheat and I'd deceive them
I had each one believing I would never go
Nobody could have told me that such a little girl could hold me
But you can shape and mould me 'cause I love you so.


My roaming days are over, looks like I found my four-leaved clover
Girl, you clipped my wings so I can't fly away
And now we're here together, and girl it's gonna be better 
'cause by your side is where I'm gonna stay.
Chorus (bis)

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