Jimmy James & the Candy Kanes

Marjolaine (Audio)

|: Marjolaine! :|


Marjolaine, are you still true?
Marjolaine, I've come back to you
I went roaming a sailor's sea
But now my arms are calling you to me.

When I was young some years ago,
you kissed my lips and let me know
that you would wait and love would stay
Now that i'm here, do you still feel that way?


The trees are gone, your street is bare
The carousel's no longer there
Our lovely plans are rearranged
But for the sky most everything has changed.

Marjolaine, no more my own
Marjolaine, spring has quickly flown
I went roaming a sailor's sea
And now your heart does not belong to me.

That foggy night without a star,
a stranger's song, a sad guitar,
each sang of thee, someone I know
But I believe the starry words you know.


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