Merry & Pippin


Teeny toppers, ice creamy hov'rers
They're balls that taste so nice, they set my tongue to slavering
They look so cute, 'pon each scoop
Tasty lil' cerise spheres of good humour.

Glazed mini fruits in sweet red suits
Have whipped cream as their bed when intertwined in Mocha'ring
Crimson-y glow, apropos
Enamoured are we with maraschino.

Maraschino, maraschino
Where eyesight can prove, they're globular and rotundy
Essential for heaps of frozen treats
Chopped nuts atop sundaes with maraschino.

Like banana, if you split it
Though they're usu'lly rouge, they be had in vert too
Ah, graced above a cone, or on their own
Sundry are avails of maraschino.

Maraschino, maraschino
Plain ice's much improved when with Cool Whip they're adorning
Adrift in float, made with Coke
Hot fudge atop parfait with maraschino.


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