Perry Como

Mandolins in the moonlight

(Mandolins in the moonlight, beautiful music of love)

We're not in Venice in a gondola beneath the skies of blue
And yet it seems we're there, signorina, and I'm close to you - 'cause I hear

Mandolins in the moonlight, mandolins in the moonlight
See what magic you start?
A song of Italy sings in perfect tune with the strings of my heart

We won't be tossing coins in the fountain down in Rome tonight
And yet my dreams come true, signorina, when you hold me tight - 'cause I hear



Now, here's the way they whisper "I love you" down in Napoli
"Ti voglio bene, mia signorina" and that goes for me - 'cause I hear


Mandolins in the moonlight, beautiful music of love!

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