Pop Tops

Mamy Blue (Video)

|: Oh mamy, oh mamy mamy blue, oh mamy blue :|

I may be your forgotten son,
who wandered off at twenty-one
It's sad to find myself at home, oh ma.

If I could only hold your hand,
and say, I'm sorry, yes I am
I'm sure you really understand, oh ma -- where are you now?


The house we shared upon the hill
seems lifeless, but it's standing still
And memories of childhood days fill my mind -- oh mamy, mamy, mamy.

I've seen enough of different lights,
seen tired days and lonely nights
And now without you by my side I'm lost -- how can I survive?


Nobody who takes care of me,
who loves me, who has time for me
The walls look silent at my face, oh ma -- so dead is our place.

The sky is dark, the wind is rough
And now I know what I have lost
The house is not a home at all, I'm leaving -- the future seems so small.


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