Doll by Doll

Main travelled roads (Video)

I dressed you in the morning,
for a journey to the past
We signed our names in shadows,
that I promised you would last.

Main travelled roads before us,
passing slowly out of sight
The haunted valley chorus
sweeping softly through the night.

The last four men were waiting
for their call to take the stage
And when the curtains opened,
they stood like lovers in a cage.

The crowd in perfect silence
closed their eyes to hide their shame
The dressing rooms are empty,
and nobody is to blame.

I walked through fields of honour,
where the gentle earth had bled
The young men are still fighting,
and the forest tracks are red.

The hotel lifts are broken,
and the trains are running slow
The blind men at reception
never miss a single show.

Main travelled roads behind me,
and a white bird in the sky
A secret sign to show me
where the ocean comes to die.

I arose and left you
sleeping in your silent room
Eternal is the warrior
who finds beauty in his wounds.

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