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Luxemburg (Video)

Where can I go? I can't go to Belgium,
can't go to Belgium - it doesn't exist*
Where can I go? I can't go to Ireland,
can't go to Ireland - I'd get lost in the mist.

I can't go to Portugal,
'cause it's too hot in the sun
And I won't go to France
They only live for fun.

Where can I go? I can't go to Deutschland,
can't go to Deutschland - they are too precise
Where can I go? I can't go to Spain,
can't go to Spain - a bullfight's not nice.

I don't like Scandinavia,
because the beer is too dear
And in Russia, I presume,
I would disappear.

|: When's the first flight to Pluto?
Can we dance upon the moon?
Is there a place in space (...) afternoon? :|

Where can I go? I can't go to Britain,
not to Great Britain - it might be on strike
Where can I go? I can't go to Holland,
can't go to Holland - I don't ride a bike.

I won't go to Switzerland,
there is just work and no play
And as for fantasy,
I could try the U.S.A.


Maybe I will go to Luxemburg,
'cause it's not that far to drive
Maybe I will go to Luxemburg
I might find I can survive.

|: I wish that I could find
the right way to make up my mind
I might turn [away from/my back on] Luxemburg* :|

Luxemburg... Luxemburg... Luxemburg... Lu-xem-burg!


*Wenn ich das höre, muß ich an den Sketch "What about Luxemburg?" denken, der die Verhandlungen über den "Westfälischen Frieden" auf die Schippe nimmt. (In Wirklichkeit konnte Großbritannien an denen garnicht teilnehmen, weil es damals noch ebensowenig existierte wie Belgien; und Luxemburg fiel als Teil der "Spanischen Niederlande" an das Land des wenig netten Stierkampfes ;-)

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