Elaine Page

Lovers for a day (Video)

Polish up the bar, tidy up the room
Down at the hotel, busy with the broom
Looking out the door, seeing them arrive
Both of them so young, and so much alive.

Like kids hand in hand as they strolled round the fair
Their skin was like gold in the sweet summer air
They asked for a room, they say: not for long
I know from their eyes that something is wrong.

Oh, the room was so bare, so narrow the bed
of the only room free, but then nothing was said.

As I gave them the key, her smile was so glad
And it made me feel bad, it made me feel bad.

Lying hand in hand, that's how they were found
So we laid them both gently in the ground
Me, I've seen it all, and I've had it rough
Why am I in tears? Hoped that I was tough.

Their faces so calm on the pillow so wet
Too tender, too young to be lost in the night
His hand on her breast, as she lay by his side
A golden head breeze and his fairytale bride.

One menage so sweet, an affair of the heart
And so cruel of this world to tear them apart.

As I sweeped out the room of that girl and her lad
Well, it makes me feel bad, it makes me feel bad.

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