Hoffmann & Hoffmann

Love gives

I don't wanna be alone
With all of these unanswered questions
It's too late to undo what we did wrong
But I suppose if I were somewhere else
And was in a crowd all by myself
The laughter would remind me of what's gone.

We were a bit like two small children
Never understood how much we had.

Love gives, but you have to give to love, and
Love lives, but only if you work at it, 'cause
Love is an easy chance to waste away
Love gives, but we took all it gave to us for granted
We treated it like a toy, but
Love is a whole lot more than just a game.

People tell you love can make you blind
But we never even tried
To see behind the lies we told ourselves
Perhaps it happened to us all too fast
We should have known that nights don't last
If you can't make the daytime count as well.

We only shared what we weren't using
We never sacrificed a thing.


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