Bryn Johnson

Looking high, high, high

I once had a love and oh
I loved her very dearly
She told me she loved me so
I thought she spoke sincerely.

But one day, away I found that she had flown
And off to find that love of mine I set alone.

Looking high, high, high
Looking low, low, low
Wondering why, why, why
Did she go, go, go?
For if I, I, I don't find my love, I know
I shall die, die, die 'cause I love her so.

I journeyed across the sea
I sought her with devotion
Oh, where she could really be?
I've not the slightest notion.

But so bright the light of love within me shone
I knew full well, what e'er befell, I must go on.


Due east over desert sands
Due west where grass is greener
I asked in a dozen lands
But none had ever seen her.

It was clear, I fear, my quest was all in vain
So I departed, sad at heart, for home again.


But when I arrived, all brown
and tanned by wind and weather
You sure could have knocked me down
with the proverbial feather.

She stood there, so fair, and sweetly she confessed
That she'd been wrong, and all along she'd loved me best.

I'd looked high, high, high
I'd looked low, low, low
Wondering why, why, why
Did she go, go, go?
Now that I, I, I have found my love, I know
till I die, die, die, I will love her so.

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