Marc Seaberg

Looking for freedom (Video)

One morning in June, some twenty years ago
I was born a rich man's son
I had everything that money could buy,
but freedom I had none

I've been looking for freedom, I've been looking so long
I've been looking for freedom, still the search goes on
I've been looking for freedom, since I left my home town
I've been looking for freedom, still it can't be found

I headed down the track, my baggage on my back
I left the city far behind
Walking down that road, with my heavy load,
trying to find some ease of mind

Father said: "You'll be sorry, son,
if you leave your home this way
And when you realize the freedom money buys,
you'll come running home some day!"



I made a lot of dues, had plenty to lose,
travelling across the land
Worked on a farm, got some muscle in my arms,
but still I'm not a self-made man

I feel the run for many years to come
I'll be searching door to door
And given some time, some day I'm gonna find
the freedom (freedom, freedom) I've been searching for


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