Johnnie Ray

Lonely for a letter (Audio)

I'm lonely* for a letter, but you never write
I'm lonely for a letter, I'm sad every night.

I wrote at least a dozend times
without a single reply
I sobbed and wept till my pillow's wet,
but it doesn't help a bit to cry, oh!

I'm lonely for a letter, been waiting so long
I'm lonely for a letter, oh, what can be wrong?

I can't account for this delay
You said that you would write while you're away
Oh, I'm lonely for a letter (fine)
but even lonelier still for you.


dal $egno al fine


Feeling blue (feeling blue)
But oh, my daling, I'm even lonelier still for you!

*Welcher Einfaltspinsel hat denn diesen Text verfaßt? Gemeint ist doch wohl nicht "lonely", sondern "longing"! Und würde er den Brief wirklich nachts lesen wollen?
**Während des Instrumentals singt der Chor Bruchstücke der Zeilen 7 und 8.

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