Chris Montez

Loco por ti (Audio)

I'm so crazy about you, love
I mean every word, you see
When you put your arms around me,
there's nothing more that I need.

[*Porque] Ando yo muy loco por ti

This is how I feel
Cuando tu mi besas,
you make my heart stand still.

I won't stop till I make you mine, girl,
and make you mine I will some day
If you won't love me for my kisses,
then take me for my money, I pray.


When I'm down and feeling lonely
and misery's running through my brain,
I look into your big brown eyes,
and so I tell you once again:


Someday we'll have lots* of children,
a boy for me, a girl for you
You'll want for her a boy like me
For him we'll want a girl like you.

Estribillo/Chorus* (bis)

*Ein Junge und ein M�dchen, das sollen "viele Kinder" sein? Und das aus dem Mund eines TexMex?

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