Salvatore Adamo

Lock of golden hair (Video)

Looking back through the years
At my old souvenirs
In the dust lying there
Was a gold lock of hair

It was part of the past
But the past cannot last
I remember the scene
I remember the dream

She was lovely and fair
As the breeze kissed her hair
As her vision appears
Can I turn back the years

Am I only fooling me
As I look around and see
Somewhere along the way
The dreams of yesterday

Tell me lock of golden hair
So lonely lying there
Am I foolish thinking of
Our young and summer love
Time goes on and moments fly
And I only know that I
Must forget the days gone by
|: When all the world was young and gay :|

Oh, we laughed and we cried
As we walked side by side
Making plans we were sure
Would go on never more

But the summer must end
And the shadow must fade
Life goes on it appears
Leaving just souvenirs


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