Caterina Caselli

Live for today (Video)

We're only young but once, then youth is gone
You can't go back in time, for time goes on

(1st bridge:)
Love me, don't wait till tomorrow
Live for today, today is all that matters

(1st stanza:)
I want your warm lips, va va va
Need those kisses, va va va
Give me your loving, va va va
Live for today

(2nd stanza:)
Reach out and touch me, va va va
Close in and hold me, va va va
Don't waste a moment, va va va
Live for today

(2nd bridge:)
When we're together time keeps moving so fast
Grab it, mean it, please make it last
Live for today!

(3rd stanza:)
We have each other, va va va
Need no other, va va va
We'll live a good night, va va va, 
Live for today, live for today!

Instrumental (=Intro)

1st bridge

2nd stanza

3rd stanza

2nd bridge

Live for today!

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