Virginia Vee

Listen to my song (Video)

I'm not a girl for talking much
I'm talking when I sing
A song can please, a song can touch
A song may hide our strenght.

[So/*Oh] listen to my song, it says: I wish you well
Please listen to my song, it has a tale to tell
It tells about the happy people and the lonely, too,
of summer skies and girls with eyes of blue.

And if you're down the hill, or if you're (?)
No matter how you feel, a song can say it all
So listen to the words we share, and maybe there we'll find
a moment bright, a fragment of delight, some peace of mind.

I met a boy the other day, 
and music filled his head
He didn't have a word to say
But in his eyes I read:

Please listen to my song, and find my laughter there
Yes, reach into my song, I got some blues to share
I sing about the long lost children on the (?)
and how balloons may suddenly explode.

I sing about a dream that millions dream each day
And though the dream may seem a million miles away
I tell you there's a get-together-day that comes along
And when it comes we'll great it with a song, a lovely song.


Just hear my song, la la la...
Come hear my song, la la la...

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