The Hollies

Listen to me (Video)

Have you ever wondered why, whenever a thing goes wrong,
nobody stops to lend a hand, nobody seems to care?
Then she looks you in the eye, and suddenly you're strong
And very soon you realise that you don't care 'bout love.

Listen to me I'll sing a song to change your mind
Your ears are deaf, your mouth is dumb, your eyes are blind
Listen to me and very soon I think you'll find
somebody wants to help you, somebody seems to care
And very soon you've forgotten that you don't care 'bout love.

Does it hurt to realise you've been acting very strange,
refusing to take the love she gives, pretending you don't care?
Did it take you by surprise to discover how you'd changed,
how you forgot to remember that you don't care 'bout love?

Chorus (bis)

|: You don't care 'bout love :|

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