Homer & Jethro

Li'l ole kiss of fire (Audio)

I touch your lips, that's when the trouble starts a-brewing
I can't resist the brand of 'bacca* you are chewing
And though my heart goes boom, just like a blown out tire
I'm just plumb crazy for your li'l ole kiss of fire.

Just like a calf, you've got me roped and tied and branded
You'd make a fortune with your kisses if you canned it
And though I know you're true to Lem and Zeke and Willy
I'm still plumb silly for your li'l ole kiss of fire.

The flames are flying, I'm on the pan a-frying
What good is there denying, a-sighing and a-crying?
The flame is spurting, my darling, I'm a-hurting
If I must burn, then darling, bake me like a bun
|: till I'm well done :| oh oh oh Lord!

Give me your lips and watch me sizzle like a cinder
Just one more kiss and I'll go flying out the winder*
You got me on the griddle and I'll always be there
Yes, what put me there, your li'l ole kiss of fire.


You got a pucker like a 'possum* eating salmons
The way you kiss you must have practiced on some lemons
And when you kiss me, you set my mouth on fire
Let burn that cigar and your li'l ole kiss of fire.

*Slang f�r "tobacco", "window" und "opossum".

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