Johnny Mathis

Let go! (Video)

You keep what you're feeling inside, 
all buried and boxed up inside,
the love that you're feeling inside, 
the pity you're feeling inside.

Society tells you, stay cool 
The shout you would let out, hold back
You're right now, but right now hold back
Be practical, Jack, and hold back!

You feel like you're busting inside 
Your heart's in a desp'rate divide:
|: |: Hold back, hold back - let go?! :| :|

Let the world know your alive! 
Let the world know you believe! 
Let the world know you have love to give! 
Go, tell it in the city! 
Go, tell it on the mountain! 
Go, tell it loud until they hear! 

dal $egno al fine (bis)

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