Diana Trask

Lean it all on me (Audio)

The rain's upon my window,
and night is falling hard,
and all my burdens wear me down
And just when I feel I got no place to turn to
I turn to watch you sleeping by my side.

I waste no hope and wishes
for what will never be
All I know is all you give to me
And maybe that's why I never want to see you cry 
So lean it all on me, you know you can.

|: Lean it all on me, you know you can
'cause I'm your woman, and you're my man 
Lean it all on me [|:] you know you can [:|] :|

So I won't say I'm sorry
for what we dear today
even if our words don't always rhyme
As long as we share a "sorry" and a laughter
we can never say we wasted time.

Chorus (bis)

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