Last tango (Audio)

Rolling along Rue de la paix
Hearing a song, turn it away
And all alone, killing the day
Rolling along Rue de la paix.

Drift in a park, picking the score
Back in a car, call it a bore
|: call it a bore :|

|: For all those years he tried
they said he wasn't right
They left him in the night
to win a bitter fight
He knew they couldn't know
They'd never seen his show
And in a final throe
he wrote his last tango :|

Back in his room, another tune
The show begins, but no-one will win
Got to be strong, well, that's been so long
Back in the room, writing the tune.

Turn on the light, no time to hide
Run down the street, hit on the side
|: Isn't that neat? :|

Chorus (bis)

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