Michel Sardou

Last flight

My dear parents good bye
I do love you but I
Have to give it a try, a try.

Oh, my thinking is sold
After I've been around
I should be homeward bound, homeward bound (fine)

It's thursday five o'clock in the morning
And I've packed a little bag
I'm tiptoing throught the appartment
And holding my breath like the nights
When I came after midnight
So that mother would'nt wake up
Last evening at dinner
I thought for a moment that she's expected something
She said I looked pale
She wanted to know if I felt all right
I told her that I was fine, but just fine
I think she made believe that she believed me
And father had just smiled
It's strange, I thought, that living home will be tougher
More overwhelming, like a big adventure, but less hearttearing
Oh, but I mustn't go back
Get a little bit farther
There is a railroad station
And after the train, the boat, the atlantic ocean
And after the altlantic ocean...
I feel strange, like if I had a cage around my chest
It nearest stops my breathing
I wonder if my folks in a little while will know that I'm crying
No, I musn't go back or even turn my head around
I must only see why I told myself I should see, and why and why, and how
It's five to seven now, I'm falling asleep in the train
That staying it is a boat away
A little bit further, a little bit more
And I won't be back, I dare not be back.

da capo al fine

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