Dick Webb

Land of teenage love (Audio)

|: Ooh wawa :| Ooh chee do be do.  

There is a land, a wondrous land,
where grown-ups are not known
It's make-believe, but yet it's resal
for teens who are alone.

(2nd stanza)
Just close your eyes and fold your hands,
and ask the Lord above:
Please come along and take me to
the land of teenage love.


Now grown-ups say that we're too young
But they don't understand
It's been so long since they have been
to our secret land.
2nd stanza

I know it's just a dream
to prove our teenage scheme
But we can make it true,
if you love me and I love only you.

Now when you're alone and feeling blue,
and don't know what to de
Yes, we'll hold hands in that land
It's meant for me and you.

2nd stanza

Chorus (3x)

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