Bucks Fizz

The Land of Make Believe

Stars in your eyes, little one 
Where do you go to dream 
To a place, we all know 
The land of make believe. 

Shadows, tapping at your window 
Ghostly voices whisper will you come and play 
Not for all the tea in China 
Or the corn in Carolina 
Never, never ever 
They're running after you babe. 

Run for the sun, little one 
You're an outlaw once again 
Time to change, Superman 
He'll be with us while he can 
In the land of make believe. 


Something nasty in your garden's
waiting patiently, till it can have your heart 
Try to go but it won't let you 
Don't you know it's out to get you
running, Keep on running 
They're running after you babe. 


Your world is turning from night to day 
Your dream is burning far, far away. 

Into the blue, you and I 
To the circus in the sky 
Captain Kid's on the sand 
With the treasure close at hand 
|: In the land of make believe :|

Chorus (bis)

I've got a friend who comes to tea 
And no-one else can see but me 
He came today, but had to go 
To visit you, you never know.

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