Al Wilson

La la peace song

Mmm hmm, la la, oh, yeah
What's that sound, so profound
Over heads of children, Lord
As they pass

Sounds like thunder
But there's no rain
This kind of thunder blows down
Doors and walls and things

Ah, somebody's crying
For those dying
But no one knows
How long it's gonna last

Steel birds falling to the ground
Not knowing what's below
When the end comes, tell me now
Where we gonna go

|: Oh, people, that's my
La la la la peace song
La la la la, tell me
Why can't we get along :|

Oh, I'll tell you why
It's not safe to fly
You might get hijacked
To an unknown land

Desperate people seeking refuge
From corruption, oh
By means of subterfuge

Oh, sabotage, men at large
Innocent people suffering
By another's hand

Racial injustice dividing men
Allowing their hate to grow
Tell me, when's it gonna end


Oh, hear that sound, so profound
It's the voice of people
Lord, hear them pray

Feel the strength of their words
Lead us not to temptation
Lest we go astray


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