Susan Raye

L.A. International Airport (Audio)

Standing in that silent hall 
Waiting for that final call
Says he doesn't love me anymore
Shaking hands I pack a bag 
Trembling voice I call a cab
Slowly I start walking to the door.

The cab arrives, he blows his horn 
I stumble at in the early morn'
Tell him of the place I've got to go
Cared a hundred single nights 
paid her bills and a traffic fine
Gettin' through these doors that's been so slow.

L.A. International Airport 
where the big jet engines roar
L.A. International Airport 
I won't see him anymore.

The stewardess in a miniskirt 
A hippie in a leather shirt
I started on the way to Naples-Rome
While I'm wondering where it's at 
I see a Paris diplomat
call his kids while trying to get back home.

Baggage cart goes quickly by 
see my face and I start to cry
Stumble to the lounge to be alone
And while I'm trying to get some rest 
I bite my lips and try my best
To fight the pain that's making me leave home.


With silver wings across the sky 
paper trails and wave goodbye
To those below who've got to stay at home
I wish that I had flown at night 
so I could take that champagne flight
Rid myself of every tear I own.

Soaring high above the heavens 
in a seven-forty-seven
fighting back the tears that curse my eyes
Captain's voice so load and clear 
amplifies into my ear
Insuring me I'm flying friendly skies.


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