Joe Dolan

Lady in blue (Video) (Audio)

Who's that lady on her own?
I wish that she would look my way
She just stands there on her own, 
a painted smile upon her face.

Lonely lady dressed in blue, 
may I have this dance with you?
Let me hold you in my arms
Let the music fill your heart!

Now that I'm with you, 
wish this dance will last forever
Oh, my lady blue,
if you only knew!
I was lonely, lonely lady, 
oh my lovely lady blue
I was lonely, lonely lady,
if you only knew!

Will we ever meet again,
or is this just a one-night-stand?
But as I hold you in my arms
I wish this night would never end.

Oh, my lady lady blue,
will you dance with me once more?
Let me hold you like before
Let me hold you once again!

Chorus (bis)

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