The Irish Brigade

Kinky Boots (Video)

I drove my Saracene* through your garden last night
I kicked your front door down around at midnight
Oh somthing's telling me boy, you're avoiding me
And when I find you, you will go for your tea

Oh, I've got a brand new shiny helmet and a pair of kinky boots
I've got a lovely new flak jacket and a lovely khaki suit
And when we go on night patrol we hold each others hands
We are the British army and we're here to take your land

My good friend Bertie he's in the UDR**
Searching for weapons he will go near and far
Up around by Cappagh you'd never find him there
Oh, the only gun he'd get there is an armalite in his ear


My good friend Trevor he's in the RUC**
But now they've handed him his redundancy
The folks along the border won't be seeing him any more
That Provo sniper will be missing him for sure


My good friend Nigel he's in the SAS**
He said a change is just as good as arrest
But now they've gone and posted him way down to Crossmaglen
He wishes to blazes he was back in jail again


My good friend Sammy he's in the DUP**
An outstanding member as all the world can see
I can go up to to Donegal if you want to have some fun
He said I'll take a run there if I have nothing on


*ein britischer Kampfpanzer
**von der britischen Regierung geduldete oder geförderte paramilitärische Terroreinheiten im besetzten Nordirland.

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