King of the hill

Hank Hill's a redneck guy
Proud as that Texas sky
With Peg, his dear sweet wife
They share a slice of life
Then there's son, Bobby, neice, LuAnne
Gettin' by which way they can
It's a show on Fox, and it rocks!..
King Of The Hill

Hank and his pals drink beer
"Yep!" is all you ever hear
Poor old Bill, cocky Dale,
Snap fliptops without fail
And there's Boomhauer, tall and tanned
Smart, but hard to understand,
It's a great cartoon, right in tune..
King Of The Hill

I watch every episode of every show,
And all of the re-runs,
Cuz I love it so
Human emotion, and so much heart
A lotta' thanks to Mike Judge,
He sure knows his art..

I sing,
Hank Hill's a redneck chum
Arlen, Texas's where he's from
His Dad's a short legged vet
War action that he met
Old Hank's sellin' that propane gas
And accessories he has
It's a show on Fox, and it rocks!
King Of The Hill...

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