Michael Spiro

Killing me softly with Kung Fu

I heard he was a killer, he didn't look so tough
So I picked him out and I started to do my stuff 
I said some words about his boyfriend as we passed in the parking lot

[Now/**But] he's
Strumming my face with his fingers, 
changing my nose with his foot 
Killing me softly with Kung Fu, 
knocking my block off with Kung Fu
Changing my [outlook/*profile/**sex-life] with his shoe 
Killing me softly with Kung Fu 

I couldn't keep from laughing as he made funny motions in the air
But then he walked right through me as if I wasn't there
I hid behind the lamppost, then he broke it right in two


I went to get my crowbar to put a dent in his mind 
But someone said: "You can't do that, he's only three foot nine"
But then he ate my Toyota, I thought I'd better apologize 


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