Perry Como

Kewpie doll

Well I took my baby to the carnival
and I heard that barker yell (Hey! Hey!)
"Come on and win yourself a purdy kewpie doll
All you gotta do is ring the bell!"

Well, I swung the hammer just as hard as I could,
and you should have heard the wild applause (Hooray!)
When "bong" went the bell and the man said:
"Well, I guess the kewpie doll is yours!" (Yeah! Yeah!)

[I/*She] said, "Gimmie a doggie or a teddy bear,
or a high school banner for my wall,
'cause I got me a real live kewpie doll
and [she/*he]'s the cutest one of them all!"

(|: |: Kew, kew, kewpie doll! :| :|)

Ah, then we walked down the midway 'till we saw a crowd
And the man said "Try your skill,
five shots for a quarter, make a duck hit the water,
and give your little baby a thrill!"

Well, my baby smiled and she kissed me once,
and I felt I was nine feet tall
Oh! five shots crashed and the five ducks splashed
and the man gave me a kewpie doll.



Ah, then my baby said, "Honey, let me try my luck
and knock the milk bottles off the shelf!"
You should have seen this chick, she was a dead-eye Dick
Hey! I couldn't do it better myself!

And then my face got red and my chest swelled up,
and my eyes bugged outta my head
'cause when the prize turned out to be a kewpie doll,
this is what my baby said


I said, "She's the cutest one of them all!"
|: And she's the cutest one of them all! :|

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